Take back control of your Amazon business


Submitted by DM Fulfillment - April 14, 2020


Non-essential products are still essential to your business. For those who rely on FBA, now is the time to explore a 3rd party fulfillment provider. Our team is available to consult with merchants in need of immediate support.

DM Fulfillment Services offers a compelling and reliable alternative to FBA:

  • Comprehensive Amazon integration
  • Direct-to-consumer fulfillment expertise
  • Speed to customer via a strategic, highly automated fulfillment center footprint
  • Industry-leading order integration network

COVID-19 Readiness: Our highly automated fulfillment centers featuring the latest in robotics means minimal human contact and social distancing within our facilities. Comprehensive Business Continuity Plans (BCP) are in place and we are closely monitoring and implementing CDC guidelines, providing a highly reliable solution and peace of mind.  

Our network of integration partners and retailers along with our DTC expertise could provide growth opportunity far beyond the current health crisis. Please contact David Reinkemeyer at 636-720-3260 or David.Reinkemeyer@DMFulfillment.com for more information.