More than just pick, pack and ship


Submitted by DM Fulfillment - January 26, 2021

Walk through one of our fulfillment centers and you’ll see orders flowing in on monitors, team members working QC stations, robots maneuvering from one shelf to another and conveyors shuffling boxes down the line to awaiting trucks. What you WON’T see is how much effort is going into not only fulfilling orders but helping our customers grow. We added the word “services” to our name in 2019 for a reason – we’re more than just pick, pack and ship. Here’s what we’re doing behind the scenes:

  1. Simplifying channel expansion through Integration – Our programmers are DM employees, not outsourced contractors. We have an in-house team of high-level developers, which means we can seamlessly program our custom system to integrate with just about any platform and scenario thrown our way. Expanding into new sales channels literally becomes as easy as flipping a switch.
  2. Promoting offers via our Instant Insert Program – Running a sale for the holidays? Launching a new product? Promoting a unique bundle? We can print customized marketing flyers on-demand in our fulfillment centers to include in customer orders. These can be programmed to drop in all orders for a given time period or only print for those with specific SKUs. Our marketing team can even help with the design.
  3. Building brands through strategic partnerships – We seek partnerships with other service providers who can offer added value to our customers. Our partners are experts in content optimization, data & analytics, storefront design, marketing programs and more. Our goal is to continually build the brands we service and grow our mutual business.
  4. Creating unique SKUs with virtual bundles – We all know competition is fierce out there. Offering virtual bundles is a way to differentiate with endless possibilities. Remember those in-house programmers I mentioned? They make it possible for our customers to go live immediately with unlimited bundle combinations while systematically managing inventory at the item level for accurate inventory reporting across all channels.
  5. Meeting 2-day shipping requirements – Our supply chain and inventory management teams know how important the 2-day shipping badge is to online shoppers. We’re continually evaluating our carrier partners and helping customers achieve regional and national 2-day delivery wherever possible.
  6. Wholesaling when it makes sense – If we find a wholesale engagement that would offer mutual growth and opportunity, we are definitely open to exploring it further. Or, maybe it’s a hybrid model with both fulfillment and wholesale. The objective is to move product from manufacturer and merchant to end consumer and we’re innovative and flexible in how we do it.

We live by a very simple principal – “your business is our business.” If our client’s products and brand aren’t selling, there’s no positive in it for us. If you’re looking for a little extra support for your e-commerce business and channel expansion, we’re here to help!